ISS Research & OhYeah! Nutrition

I was so honored to be selected  as an Ambassador for Southern California for ISS Research & OhYeah! Nutrition. I live by their products and have always looked up to and admired the OhYeah! Girls. To think that I am now an OhYeah! Girl and will get to represent a company of such esteem and integrity at the ARNOLD FIT EXPO this year is beyond exciting! I can not wait to meet the team and get more people interested in these amazing products!!

Some background information:

OhYeah! Nutrition, founded in 2004, has grown into one of the worlds premier nutritional companies offering high quality, award-winning products. OhYeah!’s authenticity is evident through its innovative products, engaging events, dominant brand recognition, and consumer loyalty across the globe. By adhering to a strict regimen of excellence and integrity OhYeah! Nutrition has earned the NSF Certification for several products while being awarded the #1 Nutritional Shake, Nutritional Bar, and Protein Powder in America by the acclaimed American Masters of Taste Foundation.

ISS Research®, founded in 1998, is a premiere marketer of sports nutrition products, distributed throughout the world targeting athletes and individuals with active lifestyles who demand unparalleled taste, quality and performance. The OhYeah!® brand, manufactured by ISS Research®, was launched in 2004 and includes nutrition bars and ready to drink nutritional shakes. 

OhYeah!® products can be found at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, fitness and health food locations, and many progressive retailers and convenience stores. For more about ISS Research®, products and partnerships, visit

My Favorite Products SO FAR:

Chocolate & Caramel Protein Bars
These are not your average protein bars y'all, these bars literally taste like CANDY! If you like candy bars  then you would love trading in those high sugar, high fat bars for these amazing tasting protein bars with healthy benefits! The Good Grab size is great for on the go (190 calories, 15g protein) and the full size bar is a wonderful meal replacement that keeps my sweet tooth satisfied and my belly full for hours (380 calories, 26g protein).

Cookies and Cream Total Protein System
This protein powder literally taste like a cookies and cream milkshake! I only mix mine with 6-8oz of water because I like the milkshake consistency! I use it pre-workout, as a meal replacement, and before bedtime since it is a blend of whey and casein!

Vanilla & Chocolate Ready To Drink Shakes
Not only are these great as a grab-n-go source of protein, they also have a days' serving of multivitamin in them! I drink these as meal replacements but my FAVORITE thing to use them for is coffee creamer! I will never go back to another type of coffee creamer. Every morning I feel like I am in a coffeehouse sipping on a high-end vanilla latte or mocha. My boyfriend is hooked on the OhYeah! Mocha recipe as his pre workout drink! I also like to mix the vanilla in my oatmeal and add blueberries- mmmmm!

MPR Pump
I have tried every pre-workout supplement in the book and now this is my gold standard. Pump give me the mental focus and maximum power I need to make it through a heavy lifting workout without feeling jittery and without getting a crash afterwards!