Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Strive for progress, not perfection..."

Happy Thursday! I am happy to finally be feeling better and able to share a little with my followers! Man, it stinks feeling sick and run down- ITS OK TO TAKE A DAY OFF IF YOU NEED TO RECOVER! Just get back on the wagon as soon as you are feeling up to it. Dont overdo it. (Can you tell these are things I have to tell myself to make it through the less active days??)

So I made this picture this morning because I think the message is so important. I will stress every post, we all have different body types and different goals. What seems "perfect" in my eyes may not look the same in your eyes. But that's not the purpose of be sharing my story with you all- if that was the case I would just title this blog, "Christy Ballard's Journey to Getting a PERFECT Body". There's no such thing and there's no point in wasting your time thinking that there is. Point blank, set a realistic goal for yourself and go for it. It can big or small but I guarantee you will see progress. Not just progress in your body, but progress in you spirit, emotions, and well-being. Strive for progress from the inside out. BE POSITIVE! THINK POSITIVE!

A lot of people have asked me how long it took for me to make a transformation. When I really dedicated myself, it took about 3 months for me to go from "skinny fat to skinny fit". The last year has been all about maintaining and also trying to build before my WBFF debut. It takes time and patience! Again, its been ONE YEAR since I started this and my shoulders are still nothing to write home about, but I am working on them and I am seeing p.r.o.g.r.e.s.s. :) I posted my progress pics from this week, they were taking after I took a few days off from being sick and luckily because I maintain my body year round, I feel comfortable posting them.

Training- Yesterday I trained shoulders and back, today I trained my legs. I am slowly increasing my weight and it is wearing me out lol. I just sent my awesome coach Jen Jewell my progress pics so I am anxious to see what she wants to tweak!

Modeling- I finally shot with Mike Byerly! Woohoo I can not wait to see the edits. I just really love him and his work and I can tell he believes in me which means the world. I felt so comfortable and I know he knows my dreams and my heart! Stay Tuned!

Love- My heart is healing. Theres nothing else great or exciting for me to feel in the blank here...

Faith- I'll be honest, I had ups and downs with my faith this week. I don't know why. Sometimes I pray and just hope that He is hearing me... I don't know if that makes sense but sometimes I feel God's presence so close with me and its so comforting, but this week I felt so distant. I just pray to continue to walk with him and feel his closeness. He's the reason I breathe and do everything I do.

Our prayer from todays Elizabeth George devotional:

Lord, help me draw closer to You every day. I want to be Your light that shines so brightly that people will be drawn to Your love and power. Amen.