Monday, April 16, 2012

A day in the life of Christy Clark

First off- I hope you guys have had a wonderful weekend and a chance to see some of my new photos on my facebook page ( Thank you for all of the nice compliments- it makes me feel so nice to see all this hard work paying off. I am also SO excited for my friends who competed this weekend, and a special shoutout to feelow OhYeah! Girl Kelly Smith for getting her WBFF Bikini Diva PRO CARD this weekend! So exciting and she is SO deserving- what a sweetheart!

I get a lot of questions about what my typical day looks like so I will share with you what today will look like for me (and all training days that I work)

0415: Wake up call! Grab my coffee, take my am supplements/vitamins, and head off to the gym
0500: Arrive at the gym (alternate arm and back day with lower body and abs). I have exactly one hour to workout before work. I have begun to lift heavier for 4 sets and do a drop set on my last set of each exercise. BRING IT!
0600: Shower get ready for work
0630: Stop by the galley and grab 4 hard boiled eggs and 1/4 cup of oats (yumm)
0645: Report to the unit, take report on my patients, get the day started (NICU Nurses ROCK)
0915: AM snack- today I had 4 more egg whites, 1/2 cup green yogurt with a spoonfull of granola, banana
1215: Lunch- Today I will be having left over salmon, brown rice, and asparagus
1515: Snack- Today I will have 4 oz grilled chicken, rice, and broccoli
1815: Protein shake & 10 almonds  prior to getting ready to leave work
2015: Dinner- Usually I have fish but today I will have the remainder of my grilled chicken and broccoli
After dinner, and while making dinner, I relax with my girlfriends, skype with friends who are far away, and play with my puppy!
2130: Quiet time then bedtime! I take my PM supplements, a casein shake, stretch, and then spend a little time in God's word!

So as you can tell... I have like an hour of free time on the days that I work, and by that time I am BEAT tired from my day. It is all worth it though. When you want something bad enough, you make time to train and follow your dreams. My schedule this summer is hectic and crazy but I wouldn't trade one fun second of it!

Training: Like I mentioned above, I am starting to lift heavier for more reps, 4 sets, then 1 set of drop sets with each exercise Jen gives me


Love: ;)

Faith: Feeling so thankful for all of the Lord's blessings!!! I am feeling really really appreciative of my family and their love and support. I truly got lucky with amazing parents, awesome, smart, and talented siblings, and the most supportive and proud extended family a girl can ask for!

Daily Devotional Prayer:
Lord, I want to be your woman... a woman who loves and serves You. Give me the wisdom and perseverence to grow in my relationship with You. Thank You for giving me this opportunity. Amen.