Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Christy's Grocery List

Somone once asked me what I picked up at Trader Joe's and Ralphs so I wanted to pass this on to you guys as well:

Trader Joes:
Fresh Produce section-
2-3 bags sweet potato spears
green onions
microwaveable asparagus
apple slices
bananas grapes
There are also a ton of saute veggie packs here that I just bought to try!

2 packages ground turkey (for meatloaf muffins)
balsamic and rosemary chicken breast (I usually get two)
lemon pepper chicken breast (one) *these two are the chicken breasts that are already cooked and marinated that I love*
They also have some fresh fish in this section and I like to pick up the feta and spinach stuffed salmon from time to time for a nice dinner that night. Hal LOVES these, we had them last night. Just pop in the oven on 350 for 20 minutes and oila! yummy dinner!

fat free feta cheese (for my egg whites mmmmm)
nonfat milk
greek yogurt
nonfat cottage cheese
fat free half and half (for my coffee, sometimes I have to get this at ralphs)

1st aisle-
almond butter (natural, unsalted)
1 can organic diced, no salt added tomatoes (for tilapia recipe)
"just a handful" raw almond packets

1st frozen aisle-
2 packages of organic broccoli florets
frozen marinated ahi tuna fillets
frozen chimichurri marinated salmon fillets
frozen tilapia fillets

next aisle-
frozen steel cut oats (I just have these on stand by in case I dont have enough time to cook my oats when I am getting out the door)
trader joes quick cook steel cut oats **MY FAVORITE**
Yogi super antioxidant green tea
lindbergh cinnamon brown rice cakes

I get two packages of the chopped onion and celery (its on the left hand side...makes cooking the turkey meatloaf muffins a breeze)
lime juice

they have a huge 5 dozen eggs crate. I like this because I eat egg whites every morning and I use them in all of my recipes

baby food applesauce
crystal light lemonate (2 qt size)
uncle bens 90 sec brown rice
whole wheat tortilla
10 grain whole wheat bread
sea salt
cayenne pepper
baking soda
garlic powder
Mrs. Dash poultry seasoning
Jiff-to-go packs

I am at work and just typing this off of the top of my head, but this is the jist of it! Happy Shopping :)

First published on skinnyfatfitness.com