Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Tell me when did you forget, its your life, whatcha gonna do, the world is watching you..."

This is one of my favorite songs from Francesca Battistelli and I love every line. Especially- "Every day the choices you make say what you are and who your heart beats for" So very true! I hope you guys listened to the lyrics and enjoyed!

So HEY GUYS HAPPY WEEKEND!!! I have this weekend off so I am super pumped! Last night I saw The Hunger Games with two of my co-workers and it was awesome (i had some butterfinger minis.... i couldnt keep that from you guys but i rarely go off track). I was in bed by 10, lame I wanted to go out but was tired, and I slept in until 9! My body needed that. Then I ate my wonderful breakfast, had two cups of coffee, waited and hour and hit the gym! Shoulders and Back day- MY FAVORITE!

Molly asked me what my weekly training schedule looks like. Keep in mind my schedule is going to look VERY different from everyone elses. I keep reinforcing to you guys that I am NOT DOING CARDIO. My metabolism is in high gear and I am trying to gain muscle which is a pain in the butt actually. We all have different weaknesses and goals. I know a lot of women are trying to lose weight and tone up and I totally applaud you and will help in any way I can, but I am trying to gain 8 lbs and gain lean body mass. My body is very petite and this is not happening as quickly as I thought it would. Kristi Romero, total sweetheart, gave me the best advice when it comes to building muscle, "Be patient, it takes time..." So...praying for patience :)

On my work days (which range from 2-5 days per week, 12 hour shifts, im a NICU nurse), I wake up at 4:30 and am in the gym by 5:00am. I train for an hour then have my evenings open. On my off days, I usually try to sleep in and take care of business and lift in the early afternoon. My routine looks kind of boring, but if i could post the exercises I do than you would see they are intense, involved, and require me to lift heavy and push my boundaries.

Monday- Shoulders (Upper Body) & Back
Tuesday- Lower body & Abs
Wednesday- Shoulders (Upper Body) & Back
Thursday- Lower body & Abs + high incline (30) lunges at a 1.5 speed for 15 min
Friday- Shoulder (Upper Body) & Back
Saturday- Full body
Sunday- Rest!

Jen stresses the importance of me to lift heavy and rest AT LEAST one full minute between sets. I am loving my results and I can not wait to step on the stage in July! I will start taking weekly progress pics tomorrow ;)
So excited to share my new Satio Pic:
OOooh Wee- this is just such a fun life! Tomorrow I am attending a new church, The Flood, which I am pretty excited about and then driving up to LA to shoot with Mike Byerly! So darn stoked!!!!

As always, Ill end in prayer from our next day in A Woman After God's Own Heart: A Daily Devotional:

Lord, in You is my hope, in You is my desire, in You is my strength. I love you. Make my life count in someone's life today. Help me reach out with Your love. Amen.

I sure hope I was able to count and reach out to someone in some way today! Make this weekend a great and safe one! I am thinking about you all- you keep me so motivated!

Christy LeAnn