Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life can change in an instant- but its all part of God's plan!

First look at my new Satio pic:

I am so happy to have a computer back up and running and to be getting settled in to my new place. The past week was amazing and yet bittersweet. I had my first shoot with Wendi Satio and I could not be more thrilled with the results, I dont think I have ever felt prettier in my life! I had a great weekend with family friends (who by the way look AMAZING after making a lifestyle change to clean eating), then went home to Tennessee to see my parents and be the Maid of Honor at my best friends wedding. I enjoyed every second, every glass of wine, and a Guinness on St. Patrick's Day.

The bittersweetness of it all is that my relationship ended and I am in the process of reorganizing my life and moving. I dont regret a thing, I have learned a lot, and I am determined to not let this side track me from my training and diet. If anything, I am even more motivated and have even more time to dedicate myself. Heartbreak is a part of life and I want to show all of you that its not the END of life and you can overcome these obstacles. God has a plan and a man for me even though its hard to see that right now.

Without going in to too much detail out of respect of someone I loved dearly, dealing with me in the fitness industry was not for him. The reasons I am doing these are purely good-hearted and to inspire women and to help overcome my own insecurities while helping others do the same. I have a good character and I will always follow my dreams and aim for the stars. It is easy for someone who does not understand the good reasonings to see it as the women he loves flaunting her body for strangers. I get that side of it, I really do, and MANY people struggle with this when they first start fitness but just remember the positive reasons you are doing what you do and  the impact you are going to make on others in the process! The person you all as well as I am supposed to be with with love us for EVERYTHING that we are and support us and encourage us for our goals. I was given an ultimatum and I hate that I broke his heart when I chose my dreams, but I prayed on this for a while now and this is what I want to be doing.

SO NEW ROUTINE!!!! I am in a new house, with a new schedule, and new gym. I am forcing myself to wake up at 430am on my workdays and hit the gym by 5 before I start my 12 hour shift! I am alternating upper body and back with lower body and am currently doing no cardio as I am trying to add some muscle to my tiny little frame with the help of my coach Jen Jewell! This morning I was so proud of myself when I skipped the snooze button (I actually slept in my workout gear so that I could just pop out of bed and go). I did shoulders and back and I am thrilled to see my delts popping a bit! My body fat percentage is pretty low right now as stress is causing my metabolism to be in overdrive so I am really lifting heavy and making sure I am getting adequate protein and good fats!

Anyhow, thats an update on my life and I cant wait to share my success story as I journey to the WBFF Pro! My next endeavor is FMI Phoenix with some of my favorite fitness girls where I will be shooting with some of the best photographers in the industry! I also cant wait to venture to Birmingham again for a few more amazing looks with Wendi Satio. She is seriously one of the most amazing women, moms, photographers I know!

My prayer this week is for patience and to remember to keep loving as God wants me to. Its hard when you are hurting to feel God's love and plan for you, but I KNOW there is a reason behind this and I can't wait to see what the future holds. I pray for patience because I have learned that I have spent much of my life rushing in to things and pressuring things to happen. Now I just want the determination to work hard and let life's opportunities come to be.


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